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Alex is a doctoral candidate in Political Science at Indiana University focusing on International Relations and Quantitative Methods. He received his Masters of Science in Applied Statistics at IU in 2016 and is a associate consultant at the IU Statistical Consulting Center. He is also affiliated with the Workshop in Network Science (WINS).

His primary research focuses on interstate conflict and peace processes, particularly from a cross-regional perspective. He has additional interests in international security, with projects on economic sanctions, military buildups, and the effects of major power alliances on military spending. His dissertation, Piecing Together the Peaces: Industrialization and the Rise of Zones of Peace, provides an explanation for regional variation in conflict and peace based on differential patterns of industrial development.

Alex is also an officer in the US Army Reserves where he serves as a Company Commander in Fraser, Michigan.

For additional information or inquiries, please contact him at akantony[at]